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Vlogs Aren’t For Me

I’ve recently started following a few youtubers and their respective vlogs and have decided that creating a channel of op-ed videos is not for me. Here’s a few reasons why…

  1. I have worked really hard to like and love who I am, and some days I have to work really hard still; thus the potential of getting cyber attacked does not sound fun or conducive to that work.
  2. Haters and trolls. Oh wait, that’s number one…. Hang on…
  3. I also feel like there are enough people voicing opinions that echo mine in youtube videos.
  4. Words are hard enough to craft into blog posts and articles and that book that I’m still writing. Why would I put myself on video? It would probably take entirely too long to record a decent take plus editing, etc.

If you are curious about vlogs/youtube channels I’m currently following here are a few links:

Claudia Boleyn

Sarah Hawkison



I would also like to announce that I will be taking sometime away from in-depth blogging to really focus on my aforementioned book. Keep your eyes peeled for resource sheets/lists, printables, recommendations, sneak peaks, and updates on Camp Mom. I’ve got so many surprises lined up for you! Tutorials, meditation guides, sequences, posture clinics, webinars, and more.

It has also recently been brought to my attention that apparently subscription pop-ups are causing some people issues while trying to utilize – I apologize for any and all inconveniences and annoyances it/they have caused. Since I’m REALLY new at this web design thing I’m sure I’ll discover more and more bugs to work out so can inspire you towards your truth.

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