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Vlogs Aren’t For Me

I’ve recently started following a few youtubers and their respective vlogs and have decided that creating a channel of o

35 Essential LGBTQ Films For Pride Month

35 Essential LGBTQ films for Pride Month + bonus family friendly movies with queer themes and messages of acceptance/love of d

Reflections on the Shooting at Pulse

I have decided to wait a few days before publishing a post about the recent shooting at Pulse in Orlando. Content warning: sex

Find Balance Everyday

Have you ever felt as though you were stuck in a rut of laziness? I know I have, in fact, I have for the last couple of days.


This blog post is going to be super short because you should be checking out the flash sale going on in my Etsy shop! All mala

Illustration Prototyping

I dedicated today to writing and working on my upcoming book, “What If I Can’t Touch My Toes?” And I began h

Voices from The Studio(s)

I have been effectively unable to have a physical yoga practice (asana) for the last three months. The longest I have been awa

Home Practice

60 Minute Home Practice Sequence Child’s Pose -> Down Dog 3x: Incorporate ujjaii breathing Standing Vinyasa 3x Surya

Banned From Elephant Journal

No, the title is not “click-bait”… I actually got blocked from the Elephant Journal Facebook fan page on Sat

14 Ways To Make Your Day Better (From Someone Who Has Been There)

What if… You could look at yourself in the mirror every morning and see someone you truly loved staring back at you? If