My Inspired Truth

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What’s This All About:

I started this website to serve as a “home-base” of sorts; a place where I can share my artistic endeavors, teach yoga, and offer a message of radical self acceptance to the world. You’ll find resources for everything from goal-setting, planning, general life-hacks, as well as some of the other things I have learned and implemented in my life to live what I call my “inspired truth”.

I don’t know everything, and I know I never will – but I am always interested in learning new things. I am constantly evolving, just like you; welcome to the journey.

No matter where you are starting or when, and no matter how much or how little you have, this is your journey and you are worthy of your dreams. No matter what you have lived through, even if you aren’t sure how you survived, you are deserving of the life you desire. Your story is yours and yours alone – you may not be able to change the past, but you can determine how you respond to it and how it colors and shapes what happens next. It’s ok not to be ok, and it’s ok to have a bad day, it’s ok to not feel happy or positive all day everyday. Your feelings are valid, and you have every right to feel them. There is space for you to speak your truth, to share your story, and through sharing your story empower others to do the same.

Your “otherness” is what makes you the uniquely wonderful strange individual that you are – it is your superpower! Yes, that may sound simplistic, even juvenile, but if you start embracing the things about yourself you have tried to suppress or eradicate your entire perspective changes. Are bigoted remarks still hurtful? Yes. But the moment you decide that it isn’t your fault, you can be free from it. Other people may think less of, or even hate, me for my “otherness”. But that does not mean that I then have to think less of, or even hate, myself for it. Once I figured that out my whole relationship with myself shifted.

So, who am I? What is my truth: or as they say “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”?

My Story:

My name is Rebecca, and I am passionate about:

  • living my inspired truth and empowering others to live theirs
  • artistic expression and empowerment
  • radical self-love / self-acceptance
  • creating a better world through social activism and education

I am an artist and a yoga teacher. I am also a tattooed and pierced, queer, Jewish single mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend; a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual progressive feminist. I have chronic migraine, major depressive disorder, adult adhd, and post-traumatic stress disorder. I am also on the autism spectrum.  My areas of interest are yoga, art, holistic wellness, learning new languages, scientific discoveries, style/design, and all things geeky/nerdy. I have lived all over of the United States and met some of the most incredible people in the process. I have also experienced homelessness, domestic violence, and sexual assault. I have scars, but have chosen to view them as proof that I am stronger because I survived. I am still evolving, healing, growing, and transforming into my highest possible self.

So now you have the shortest possible version of my story. I have chosen to share it not so that I would be pitied, but so that you would know where I have been and what my perspective/filter is. We all start somewhere; when it comes to changing your path or striving toward your goals knowing where you come from is paramount. You need to own your story so that you can create the lifestyle you desire and live your inspired truth.

Peace, Love, & Good Vibes