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New Year, New Website Concept

Happy New Year Everybody. Well, 2016 is over, and 2017 is underway, and I haven’t blogged in months. I’ve never be

Art-Making As An Academic Practice

Everyday I walk into classes I feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. This stems from a bad art teacher when I was a child.

Reflections on Summer

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity and growth. It was six months ago that my car accident occurred. Six months. Whil

Batman Villains and Suicide Squad: Part One

Spoiler Alert: The continuations of this blog post DO contains spoilers for the Suicide Squad movie. If you have not seen it y

The Importance of Comic-Con & Geek Culture

San Diego ComicCon (aka the big one) was this past weekend. And I was recently thinking about the cultural significance of gee

A Multi-Topic Post

This blog post is going to cover several topics. Mostly because WordPress seems to think my articles need to be longer. So her

Lost Voice

Lost Voice As a result of recent tragedies, I have had trouble writing. Visual endeavors seem to be my only voice at all right

Camp Mom – Week Three Recap

So last week, in the adventure known as “Camp Mom”, we did some planting, painting, and terrarium building. Despit

Vlogs Aren’t For Me

I’ve recently started following a few youtubers and their respective vlogs and have decided that creating a channel of o


Yet again I have too many things to write about. I guess this makes me lucky, but it is also ridiculously frustrating. I have