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Reflections on Summer

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity and growth. It was six months ago that my car accident occurred. Six months. While I’m not terribly surprised that as my mobility increased, my involvement in writing blog entries has decreased it is, nonetheless, disappointing. I wanted to stay on top of it and active. I planned to. However, on a regular basis my plans had to change.

The yoga teacher in me wants to use blogging and plans changing as a metaphor for impermanence or remaining flexible. But such lessons and metaphors belong on the mat and in the studio. It is my experience that they come off as mere quips when typed into text. If the whole purpose of this blog is to encourage truth, then the last thing I want is so appear trite.

As someone who thrives with a set, but somewhat flexible schedule and routines, this time of year is either jarring or cathartic for me. Sudden changes in schedules and routines can be shocking and send me into nasty/cranky mode. So I have started planning in advance. It took me 28 years to figure this out. Luckily, with the help of several books, bloggers, and my therapist, I have finally cracked some sort of code to make my life run a little smoother.

If you know anyone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically Asperger’s Syndrome, you know that we thrive off of routine and predictability. I may bemoan monotony and sameness, however I also know that when a curve ball gets thrown into my morning routine I will become not just “a evil crazy bitch” but “THE evil crazy bitch.” So, in the interest of self-preservation and because I love my child, friends, and family, I clearly need/needed to prepare myself.

My daughter and I have had an extremely relaxed summer schedule. We wake up around 9, sometimes spending the whole day in pajamas. I sip coffee and we watch cartoons. When my summer classes were going on I would do some homework while she (my mini-me) played, and then we might do an art project or wait for the icecream truck. My daughter’s bedtime moved from 8-8:30 back to 9:30, and I slept whenever I slept. It was a bit of a free for all.

So when fall semester begins tomorrow, my summer vacation may end, but I am looking forward to returning to some form of regularity and routine. I’ve made my routine/schedule chart. I’ve written down all of the little things I forget to do that must be done daily. I’ve started working myself and my child into earlier bedtimes and wake-up times.

Fall 2016 will be a great semester, and I look forward to sharing it with you awesome readers. Stay tuned.

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