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Lost Voice

Lost Voice

As a result of recent tragedies, I have had trouble writing. Visual endeavors seem to be my only voice at all right now. Which, while not bad, isn't exactly great when you are trying to build and blog and write a book.

This was my facebook status yesterday:

"Silence = Agreement. Silence = Violence.

With that said... I have trouble articulating things when I am saddened/angered. As such I have been having trouble creating content for my blog and have been focusing on creating art. I need to step back from social media until I create/write something worthwhile. I will not be silent, I will not be complacent, but I need to regain my voice so I can speak and make a greater impact."

There is a strong part of me that wants to discuss a million things related to the most recent police shootings of unarmed black men. And yet, I feel it is more important to raise up and #signalboost the voices of black people who deal with police brutality and the fear of the police everyday. My personal experiences of discomfort with law enforcement feel less important. As much as the times I have experienced racism have hurt/confused/angered me, they seem trivial.

So here, read this, watch these videos, and actually listen/hear what these writers, activists, and artists want to be heard and understood.
* Queer People of Color's Remarks on
* This was Written by the Mother of A Black Son and the Wife of a Cop
* Why Black Lives Matter Is Legit and All Lives Matter is Not
* Commentary on Racism
* Minority Cops Speak Out
* The Similarities Between Rape Culture and Police Violence

Specifically Written For White Folks & Still Relevant:
* Tips For White Parents
* Explaining Privilege to a White Person (Or Anyone, Really)
* The Conversation White Folks Must Have With Their Children

And for those of you who "get it" because you've lived it, or something similar as a member of an/other marginalized community/ies, I have something for you too. Self-care.

Step One: Step Away From The Social Media
Step Two: Take 10 deep breaths.
Step Three: Watch this video - #CarefreeBlackKids2016
Step Four: Do something that makes you feel happy/good.

You might also want to read this:
* - Four Self Care Resources
* For Harriet - a Great Piece on Yoga & Self-Care

Is there a yogic answer to all of this? Sure - ahimsa, non-violence/non-harm. It's a simple concept and yet so difficult for so many to actually practice because our own hate/fear gets in the way. How do we learn to practice this? Through practice and study, through meditation and asana, and especially with pranayama (breathwork).

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