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Camp Mom – Week Three Recap

So last week, in the adventure known as “Camp Mom”, we did some planting, painting, and terrarium building. Despite not being able to find “activated charcoal” we were able to plant our succulents and arrange sea shells and glass beads as decor. I’m hoping that our little micro-worlds survive, in addition to my traditionally planted succulent.


Do any of you, lovely readership, have experience with succulents and/or terrariums and/or plants? I have always wanted to develop a green thumb. Given my love of nature and how much better I feel when there are live plants in my living space, one would think it would be almost intrinsic. However I tend to be, well, a plant murderer. Shameful, I know.


I’ve never been terribly domestic, ok – I’m not really domestic at all. I’m not going to lie. It just isn’t my forte. I will happily complete projects, but general day-to-day upkeep just isn’t what I do. Clogged drain? Need something hung? Reorganize a closet? SURE. I can do all of that. But when it comes to “doing a little bit everyday so it doesn’t become a project” I’m essentially up the creek without a paddle. It’s a process, getting better at this stuff. As an artist I have a tendency to love and respect processes, but only when they actually work. Maybe I can treat it like an art form… The Art of Home Maintenance? The Art of Being a Single Work-At-Home Parent? When processes and systems and institutions no longer serve it is important to examine them and then decide which generally observed practices need to go.

This week my daughter was scheduled to be at art camp all week but yesterday and today she is feeling ill, or at the very least, sleepy. I thought she’d be able to make it today but no luck, poor sweetie is in bed watching Netflix with the puppies by her side to keep her company. Like every parent, I hate why my child is sick. I wish I could “fix” it, and magically cure her at will but alas, I cannot.

In any event, I have pictures to share with you of the beautiful succulent terrariums we build, the rad rainbow pot I painted, and our extremely fruity breakfast of champions… Enjoy!




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